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The Istrian peninsula, located in the westernmost part of Croatia, has always been a very special place, just as the tourist region of Istria, and is comprised of only the county of Istria. Based on tourist numbers, Istria is the most popular tourist destination in Croatia. The distinctiviness of Istria arises from from its location - the place where the Mediterranean Sea deeply indents into Europe proper, with the mountain Učka isolating Istria from the rest of the Croatian territory. 
By gazing you can encompass the whole richness of its diversity: from the snowy whiteness of the mountains in the north, rolling green fields in the interior of the peninsula, undulating hills of vinyards and olive orchards, to the endless blueness of the sea. When you immerse yourself in this richness, when you get close to it, every detail will impress you, the red facades and town doorways, rustic streets with gardens, arched doorways, the murmuring of streams and glades with blossoming cherryblossom. Everything here is intimate and friendly; nature, villages and people.

The westernmost county of the Republic of Croatia, the largest of all Adriatic peninsulas.

2,820 km2

Number of inhabitants:
206,344 (2001)

Length of the coast:
445.1 km (the indented coast is twice longer than the coastal road).

The length of the west coast of Istra is 242.5 km, with the islands having 327.5 km (178.1 miles). The length of the east coast of Istra is 202.6 km, with the associated islands having 212.4 km (114.5 miles)

The temperature of the sea reaches its lowest point in March when it reaches 9.3º to 11.1ºC and reaches its highest temperature in August, from 23.3º C to 24.1º C. The average sea salinity is from 36 to 38 parts per thousand.

Mirna, Dragonja and Raša

Istra is the largest green oasis of the northern Adriatic. Along the coast and on the islands pine trees are prevalent and with the recognizable green maquis. The main constituents of maquis are holm oak and bearberry. Woods cover 35% of the Istrian territory.

Administrative Centre:
Pazin (9,227 inhabitants)

Economic Centre:
Pula (58,594 inhabitants)

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