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From north to south of Istria it is possible to ride a bicycle on 60 marked cycling trails with a total length of nearly 2600 km. For about 1500 km of these trails there is an atlas of maps published by the Istrian Tourist Board, but there are also many paths that are not yet mapped. Approximately 70% of the trail leads through meadows, fields and forests, while the rest of the route are asphalted roads. Demanding trails are located in the northern, higher part of istria, the journey in this direction requires good physical condition. North Istria has 9 circular routes with a total length of approx. 400 km. The high landscapes, provide opportunities for relaxation on beautiful lookouts. 

The southern part of Istria, this is where we are, offers the possibility of riding a bike on 8 different routes with a total length of approx. 300 km. These routes are light and everyone can participate. Most of the way the routes stretch along the coast. We can arrange a variety of bike-tours to all parts of Istria for you, we can also incorporate your wishes and expectations in the tours. Our knowledge of the terrain and your description of your preferred sites leads you to interesting spots for swimming, to enjoy food and drink or for some other activities of interest to you.

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  • Water sports

    For everyone eager for fun and sports activities during their holiday we suggest for them to try their skill at some of water sports such as water-skiing, getting a ride on the banana, tube, parachute for one, two or three people for height of up to 100, 200, 300 and 400 m. Also, for all those eager to experince the...
  • Guided horseback riding

    We offers you horseback riding in the natural environment.  Our tours are suitable for beginners and experienced riders too. Horses are well trained and very calm so riding them will be a memorable experience.  You can choose between three programs:   - Route 1 (app. 45 min. riding)   Departure...