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There are several specially designated trails and areas in Istria that are already known for their hiking zones, some of them are in some parts of the year very well visited and you can meet lots of fellow hikers. For larger and smaller groups we can organize the arrival on the paths and hiking with a companion or guide. Some zones through which you can hike are closer, and some are several kilometers away, and therefore, if you are from those who prefer to hike wherever you come spend your vacation, please contact us with your wishes and we will do our best to meet them.

We always recommend our highest mountain Učka, which is particularly interesting as a protected natural park and as an area for hiking with beautiful views. Vojak its highest peak (1396 m) and offers its visitors a magnificent view!

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  • Water sports

    For everyone eager for fun and sports activities during their holiday we suggest for them to try their skill at some of water sports such as water-skiing, getting a ride on the banana, tube, parachute for one, two or three people for height of up to 100, 200, 300 and 400 m. Also, for all those eager to experince the...
  • Guided horseback riding

    We offers you horseback riding in the natural environment.  Our tours are suitable for beginners and experienced riders too. Horses are well trained and very calm so riding them will be a memorable experience.  You can choose between three programs:   - Route 1 (app. 45 min. riding)   Departure...