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Terms of use

General traveling conditions and guidelines are a constituent part of the Contract, i.e. voucher for accommodation in hotel or private accommodation services, which are agreed between “Verus Iter” d.o.o., Brajdine 115, 52203 Medulin, Tourist Agency “InfoMedulin” (hereinafter called: the Agency) and contracting party (hereinafter: the traveler). All data and conditions in the program and these general conditions bind the Agency and the traveler should it not be defined differently by the Contract.
The Agency guarantees the services as per information issued on the https://infomedulin.com/en/ website and as per description, price and term, and in accordance with the confirmed reservation, should it not be for force majeure such as death or sickness of the provider of the service as well as due to extraordinary circumstances such as war, floods, fire, terrorist attack and similar.
Enquiries and booking of accommodation may be received by electronic means or telephone, in written form or personally in the Agency. Upon effected reservation the traveler will confirm that he is familiar with these general conditions for travel services which he has previously carefully read and that he fully accepts same. With such confirmation everything stated in these general conditions becomes a legal obligation for the traveler as well as the Agency. During reservation the traveler is obliged to give all data requested for the booking procedure. The booking becomes valid upon payment by the traveler, while any other oral or written confirmation is not considered valid. For booking to become valid it is necessary to pay the advance payment amounting to 30% of the total price while the remaining 70% of the agreed amount shall be paid at least 21 days prior to the traveler’s arrival. Should the date of arrival be 21 days or less, 100% of the accommodation price shall be paid upon accepted request for booking. It is possible to effect payment on the foreign account or giro account of “VERUS ITER” d.o.o. Medulin. Payment by remittance from abroad shall be effected 5 days prior to the arrival of the traveler at the latest and 3 days prior the arrival of the traveler if from Croatia.
As per the Law on residence fees in the Republic of Croatia, the traveler is obliged to pay the residence fee at the same time when paying accommodation services. The residence fee is determined by Law on residence fees in the Republic of Croatia and amounts from =2,00 to =7,00 kn per person per day for adults. Teenagers from 12-18 years old have a discount of 50% on that amount, while children younger that 12 years old do not pay the residence fee. The final amount of the residence fee for certain bookings depends on the location in the Republic of Croatia and term of booking, and is charged as per the General conditions and simultaneously when paying the outstanding amount for the accommodation.
The price of the service includes the main service as described by each accommodation unit from the reservation. Special services are those offered in the accommodation unit and which are not included in the price, therefore the traveler shall pay such special services separately. When registering, those special services shall be requested separately, and are paid as extra to the accommodation services and are included in the final calculation.
The price of accommodation is expressed in EUR and is calculated in KUNA as per middle exchange rate of the HNB (Croatian National Bank) on the date of the payment. Should there be a change in the price by the person offering the accommodation or change in the exchange rate, the Agency reserves the right to change the announced prices. For travelers who have settled the advance payment for certain reservations, the Agency guarantees the price of the accommodation stated in the calculation for which they have effected the advance payment. Should the change happen prior to the effected advance payment, the Agency reserves the right to inform the traveler regarding the change in price.
After the receipt of the entire amount of the chosen service, a voucher precisely stating the contracted and paid services will be forwarded to the traveler. The voucher serves as a proof of the effected booking of services. The traveler shall submit the voucher when arriving at the chosen accommodation and, as per that voucher, the booked services will be made available to him. Should more people that stated on the voucher arrive at the selected accommodation, the provider of the service reserves the right to deny accommodation to the unannounced travelers or accept all travelers by charging the extras on the spot.
The prices stated in our offers and programs are based on a Contract with our partners and do not have to correspond with prices advertised at the specific location of the accommodation in which the traveler stays, and any possible difference in price can not be the subject of claim.
By paying the booking the traveler confirms that he is fully familiar with all the characteristics and conditions offered to him in a certain accommodation unit. By paying the booking he traveler confirms that he accepts the General conditions of offering accommodation services. With the sole act of paying the reservation everything that is stated in these conditions becomes a legal obligation for the traveler as well as for the Agency.
The accommodation units are described in accordance with the official categorization of the local tourist organization at the time of issuing the working permit.
Accommodation standards, food, services and other aspects of certain places and countries can not be compared. Information received by the traveler at the point of sale does not oblige the Agency beyond information issued on the internet pages https://infomedulin.com/en/ or catalogue and other printed material of the Agency.

The agency reserves the right to change the booking should extraordinary circumstances occur which can not be foreseen, avoided or removed (war, riots, strikes, terrorist attacks, sanitary disruptions, natural disasters, epidemics and similar). The Agency can suggest a change of booked accommodation, and the change can be effected only and exclusively with the prior consent of the traveler and by placement in the same, if not higher, category that the traveler had originally effected in the booking.
Should the traveler accept the alternative and should same be more expensive, he shall pay the difference in price (the agency shall bear 10% of the expenses), and should the alternative be cheaper the Agency will return to the traveler the price difference. Should the change of already paid accommodation not be possible, the agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation with prior notification sent to the traveler at least 7 days before availing of the service, and guarantees the return of the entire amount. Should an adequate replacement not be possible on the day before starting use of the service, the Agency will endeavor to give the traveler all necessary information regarding possible accommodation which is not in the Agency’s catalog and in any case return the entire amount paid for accommodation.
Should the traveler change or cancel his reservation at his own request, same shall be effected in written form (by email, ordinary mail or fax).  The changes may include changes of the number of people or start and/or conclusion of the use of the service 30 days prior to the start of use of the service. The right to change the booking, should that be possible without extra expense, will be done for free. For all further booking changes the traveler will be charged with the expenses incurred for such changes, amounting to 15 EUR per change effected. Should the booking changes not be possible, and should the traveler for that reason withdraw from the confirmed booking, the below stated conditions of cancellation of booking are applied. The change of the accommodation unit and each change within 30 days of the start of the booking and during the term of the booking will be considered as cancellation of booking.
In case of cancellation of the confirmed booking of private accommodation, the date of receipt of written cancellation represents the basis for the calculation of cancellation expenses as follows:
 For the cancellation of booking 30 days prior to the use of the service, 15% of the total price of reservation will be charged, with a minimum of 15 EUR charged,
 For the cancellation of booking from 29 to 22 days prior to the use of the service, 30% of the total price of the booking will be charged,
 For the cancellation of booking from 21 to 15 days prior to the use of the service, 40% of the total price of the booking will be charged,
 For the cancellation of booking/reservation from 14 to 8 days prior to the use of the service, 80% of the total reservation amount will be charged,
 For the cancellation of booking 7 to 0 days prior to the use of the service, 100% of the total price of the reservation will be charged
 For the cancellation of booking after departure or, in case the traveler does not present himself in the booked facility, 100% of the total price of the reservation will be charged.
Should the traveler cancel the reservation within 7 days prior to the start of the use of the service, the Agency offers him the opportunity to find a new traveler for the same reservation should same be possible (same depends on the final provider of the service). The new traveler assumes all the obligations from these General conditions. 
Should the traveler not arrive at the booked accommodation by midnight on the day of the start of use of the service, and he did not inform the Agency or the provider of the service, the booking will be considered cancelled, therefore the cancellation expenses will be calculated as per above.
Should the resulting cancellation expenses exceed the above, the Agency reserves the right to charge for the newly arisen expenses.
The Agency does not reimburse the traveler for expenses that arise when obtaining traveling documents or visas related to the booking cancelled by the traveler.
The Agency’s obligation is to take care regarding implementation of services as well as the choice of the provider of services with the carefulness of a good business operator, to take care with respect to the rights and interests of the traveler, in accordance with good tourist practice. The Agency is obliged to ensure provision of all rented services to the traveler, and therefore is responsible to the traveler for possible non-fulfillment of services or part of same.
The Agency denies any responsibility in case of changes due to the non-fulfillment of services caused by force majeure and due to the delay of transportation vehicles for which the transport operator is not responsible as per specific laws and international conventions. In those cases the traveler shall pay any additional expenses.
The traveler is obliged to:
 Have all the necessary and valid traveling documents,
 Respect all customs and foreign currency Regulations of the Republic of Croatia
 Respect the house rules placed in the accommodation facilities
When reaching the destination, documents proving that the service has been paid for shall be submitted to the provider of the service (Voucher received by post or mail).
Should the traveler not respect the above-mentioned obligations, the traveler shall bear the expenses and responsibility for any damage that occurred. Based on the booking confirmation the traveler undertakes to pay to the provider of the service on the spot for all damages that occur.
Baggage is transported at the traveler’s risk; therefore the insurance of same by an insurance company is advised. The Agency is not responsible for any possible damage or lost baggage or for theft of baggage or valuable items placed in the accommodation facility. Lost baggage or theft shall be reported to the accommodation provider as well as to the appropriate police station.
Should the traveler during booking foresee that for certain circumstances the travel could be cancelled, the Agency suggests the payment of an Insurance policy related to cancellation. Insurance related to cancellation can not be paid additionally, but only during the application for traveling. The insurance policy is calculated on the basis of the value of the entire trip and as per pricelist issued by the insurance company with which the Tourist Agency has an agreement.
Should the traveler not have insurance related to the cancellation of the trip, the Agency reserves the right of payment as per Rules stated in Article 7 of this Contract. By paying the insurance policy against cancellation of trip, the traveler transfers all debts to the insurance company from whom he had purchased a policy against cancellation of trip, while the Agency undertakes to ensure the traveler all the documentation necessary for the making of a claim from the insurance company regarding the booking. All other conditions related to the insurance are included as part of that policy, therefore each passenger is advised to carefully personally read same.
The travel price does not include travel insurance “packets”: insurance related to the risk of accidents or travel sicknesses, insurance from damage or lost of luggage or voluntarily health insurance. Upon signing the travel Contract, of which a constituent part also includes these conditions, it is understood that the travelers were also offered and advised on additional insurance enlisted in the previous point. Should the traveler request the stated insurance, same can be agreed directly by one of the insurers or by the Agency, in which case the Agency acts exclusively as an agent.
Should the services from the offer be poorly effected, the traveler reserves the right to demand a reasonable reimbursement by submitting a written Complaint. Each traveler reserves the right to complain that the paid services were not effected.
Each traveler – holder of the confirmed booking shall submit the Claim individually.
Procedure related to Claims:
 The traveler is obliged on the day of arrival, immediately to the service provider, claim the inappropriate service and try to find with the service provider an satisfactory solution and inform the Agency in Medulin by the following email info@infomedulin.com or info@verustravel.hr or telephone number 00385-52-576-044 or 00385-52-576-712 about the measures taken. The traveler is obliged to cooperate with the service provider and the Agency with the good intention of resolving the complaint. Should the traveler on the spot accept the offered solution to the complaint that corresponds to the paid service, the Agency is not obliged to accept an additional complaint. The Agency does not accept claims related to contents with are not part of the premises. Should the problem still not be solved even after several interventions on the spot, the traveler is obliged to send, 8 days at the latest from return from holidays, a written complaint, together with accompanying documents and photographs that serve as proof for the complaint to the Agency by email or ordinary mail. The Agency will take into consideration only completely filled documented complaints submitted within 8 days of conclusion of booking.
 Should the traveler not claim the accommodation on the spot he does not gain the right for return of money.
The Agency undertakes to issue a written solution to the Claim within 15 days of receiving the claim. The Agency can postpone the term for resolving the claim for the purpose of collecting information and checking eventual complaints at the service provider by an additional period of 15 days.
 Until the Agency proposes a solution, the traveler agrees not to seek arbitration by any other person, arbitration by Croatian travel agencies associations or legal institutions as well as not making the information available to the general public.
The highest reimbursement per claim may be up to the amount of the claimed part of the service, and can not comprise either the already used services or the entire amount of the service. By doing so the Agency excludes the right of the traveler to refund for the entire damage.
The Agency can not be considered responsible for eventual climatic conditions, cleanliness and sea temperature in different destinations, as well as all the other situations which may give rise to traveler’s dissatisfaction and are not directly related to the quality of the accommodation facilities (i.e. bad weather conditions, poorly arranged beaches, long distance from public beaches to the accommodation, too much traffic, theft or damage to property and similar).
In case of payment inability or bankruptcy by travel organizer, travelers which are stranded on a trip, as well as travelers who have paid the deposit for travel should contact as soon as possible the insurer stated in the travel Contract or on some other valid document.
The traveler gives his personal data voluntarily. The traveler’s personal data are necessary for the process of realization of the requested service. Same data will be used for further mutual communication. The Agency undertakes not to pass the submitted personal data abroad or give same to a third party except for the purpose of realization of the requested service. The traveler’s personal data will be stored in the database.
The exception of passing personal data to third parties refers to the contracting of traveling insurance policies, when his personal data will be forwarded to insurance companies. The traveler’s personal data will be stored in the database in accordance with the decision made by the Agency’s owner regarding methods of gathering, processing and storing of personal data. The traveler agrees that his personal data may be used for the purpose of advertising by the Agency.
These general traveling conditions are a constituent part of this Contract which the Traveler agrees with the Agency. Possible, foreseen deviations from these regulations shall be stated in the text of the travel program. By signing the Contract the traveler entirely accepts the program and travel conditions. The Contracting parties undertake to solve eventual legal cases in an amicable way. Should that not be possible the court in Pula will be designated as the court with jurisdiction in the matter.

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