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Venice, a city on the low islands in the lagoon of Venice (118 islands), the capital of the Venetian Republic (811th to 1797th). Intertwined by channels, the Canal Grande, the main road is  3.8 km long on it there are numerous palaces (Ca d'Oro, 15th century, Grassi, Ca Foscari, Pesaro…), over it, the Rialto bridge (1588) The center of the city is the St. Marks Square, and on it the famous Basilica of St. Mark. Mark (1094), the 99 meter high bell tower (Campanile) and the Doge's Palace (12th century).
Venice, which is inviting and suspectly attractive - as Thomas Mann put it - hiding its face behind a mask of luxury, relaxation and indifference and skillfully keeping its secret. A city that stands on uncertain ground and hundreds of times already declared dead, yet it remained such a magnet for the entire world that the number of visitors during the summer must be limited.
A unique city, the center of the powerful Venetian Republic, among the many monuments of the city there are many of the world's masterpieces. Take a stroll along beautiful squares and picturesque bridges, a gondola ride or simply enjoy a Bellini cocktail.
Full Day Excursion

Trip includes:
 Transfer by modern tourist bus / van and boat
 Guide and professional guide
 The organization of the excursion.

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